Braz-en Language Experts was started by Dr Rita Ferraro after seeing a need in the market place for specialised and structured language tuition from a qualified linguist.  Many language schools that offer language tuition lack a detailed methodology, highly qualified teachers and a deep understanding of language structure

Dr Ferraro has developed her own methodology based on many years of academic research, teaching experience and professional consulting. Braz-en’s unique methodology and teaching proposition allows for continual learning and improvement through a circular feedback loop, which is overseen by the Braz-en Course Director and incorporates the Braz-en Teacher, the Individual Student and fellow Class Mates.

Each course is structured into four phases: Definition, Learning, Assessment and Graduation that ensures students' needs are met, their learning experience optimised and lessons are provided to a consistently high standard. Each phase acknowledges a student’s contribution, Teacher feedback and continual improvement to the course syllabus.

Students of Braz-en can expect:

  • A personalised learning program based on the student’s existing proficiency level, desired proficiency level and dedication toward learning;
  • Detailed syllabus including notebooks and work exercises for student’s use in class and at home; 
    Language Theory including language and grammatical concepts summarised, easily explained and exemplified, which cover the four perspectives in language studies such as:  Phonology (system of sounds); Semantic (system of meaning); Morphology (rules of word formation), and Syntax (rules of sentence formation); 
    Language in Practice including activities designed to develop the four learning macro skills such as speaking, writing, listening, and reading; 
    Ongoing and final assessments to gauge a student’s progression and achievements.
  • At the conclusion of the course, the student will have a clear understanding of his / her strengths and areas for improvement, along with an individual Student Plan to guide them toward their objectives.