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In Brazilian Portuguese Beginner 1, Dr Ferraro provides a comprehensive and structured program that enhances the learning experience. As an introduction to learning Portuguese, you will receive detailed grammatical, phonological and lexical explanations of Portuguese, in addition to a sound understanding of vocabulary designed for daily use.

These explanations and understandings, which are provided in Portuguese and English are aimed at enhancing your four macro skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. These are, naturally, the core skills that you will need to communicate effectively, in any language. At the conclusion of this program, you will have a sound understanding of Portuguese grammar, pronunciation, verb conjugation, in addition to being able to engage in basic conversation. You will be able to read signage, greet others, introduce yourself, understand phone numbers, addresses, and of course order a drink at a bar.

"this revision raises the bar for Braz-en Language Experts: Brazilian Portuguese Beginner 1 (Multilingual Edition)'s high standard of excellence, making sure that it stays one of the foremost reference studies textbooks".



Brazilian Portuguese Beginner 2 is aimed at English-speakers who have mastered the grammatical and linguistic lessons of Brazilian Portuguese: Beginner 1 and wish to continue learning and mastering this vibrant language. It offers full descriptive explanations, examples, exercises and audio recordings that provide the student with a sound understanding of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Written text and audio recording are provided in English and Portuguese to aid the student’s learning.

Students should already have a basic understanding of Portuguese, including present tense verb conjugation, the use of pronouns and articles, and construction of basic sentences. Upon successful completion of Beginner 2, students will be able to write letters and short responses to questions, describe daily activities, expand their grammatical knowledge (gerunds, idiomatic expressions, prepositions, etc.), and learn about the culture of Brazil through legends and tongue-twisters.

Developed by Braz-En Language Experts, Brazilian Portuguese: Beginner 2 is the second book in a new series of Portuguese language tuition books published by Tilde. Audio files are freely available via

Key features:

• Explanations are provided in both Portuguese and English
• Builds on the primary macro skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking –
obtained in Beginner 1.
• Includes detailed grammatical, phonological and lexical explanations