Dr Rita Giovana Mouzinho Ferraro


 Dr Rita Giovana Mouzinho Ferraro, who is originally from Rio de Janeiro (Niteroi), Brazil has a BA (Hons) and PhD in Portuguese and Spanish Linguistics and Literature.

 She has studied throughout Brazil, Spain and Australia, whilst also publishing academic research articles, lecturing at University level and providing consulting services to industry.

Some of Dr Ferraro’s consultancy and lecturing services have included the following clients:

University of New South Wales University of Sydney
International Olympic Committee Microsoft Corporation
IBM Siemens
Nokia Motorola
Australian Federal Police Qantas
Macquarie Bank Sea Oil Group

She is an academic contributor of the first Brazilian online publication of Latin American Studies, REVISTA HISPANISTA; a member of AATSP, AILASA, AOTP, Association of Portuguese Teachers, and other industry associations; a literary contributor of FALAMOS PORTUGUES, RADAR and BraCCA.



Interview - Rita Ferraro on SBS Radio

Hear Dr Ferraro talking about the growth and development of Portuguese language in Australia.

Dr Rita Ferraro on SBS Radio Dr Rita Ferraro on SBS Radio (6211 KB)