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Dr Rita Ferraro has finally published her long awaited first book, Brazilian Portuguese - Beginner 1, which is designed to cater to those without any or with only very little previous exposure to Portuguese. The book covers basic verb conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation and a number of exercises that relate to everyday life. "This is a very exciting time. Over the years, many of my students have been asking for comprehensive Portuguese learning material. I am now able to provide this through my own work". said Dr Ferraro. Providing such comprehensive works, Dr Ferraro has also included a number of audio recordings to complement the various exercises within her book. These recordings will prove invaluable to students who are trying to improve their pronunciation in Portuguese. Brazilian Portuguese - Beginner 1 can be found on, Borders Books or via the Braz-en Language Experts website. The audio files are also available via the Braz-en website.


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