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Would you like to learn a new language?

Have you ever travelled to a foreign country and have been frustrated at not being able to communicate?

Perhaps you've met someone special from another country?

Regardless of your motivations, at Braz-en Language Experts, we understand that speaking a new language is more than simply about communicating. It's about being able to immerse oneself into a country, a community, a culture. It's about being able to woo a pretty girl or a handsome man. It's about engaging locals, embracing culture and experiencing life.

We're focused on providing Brazilian Portuguese language tuition through multiple mediums. Based in Sydney, Australia, we offer private, group and academic tuition throughout most metropolitan suburbs. We have published written and audio material, which are aimed at furthering your learning and use of the Portuguese language. You may also wish to stay in contact with us via our Newsletter, facebook or even follow us on Twitter. Why not join our Member Only area, where you'll be able to easily engage with us and other members of the Portuguese speaking community.

Through the broader Brazilian Portuguese speaking community, we have included various links to Restaurants, Markets, Universities, Television and Radio. So, take the time, look around and immerse yourself. We hope you enjoy learning Brazilian Portuguese with Braz-en Language Experts.