I want to buy an English / Portuguese dictionary, can you recommend one?

Yes. When choosing a dictionary it is important to bear in mind the reasons for such a choice. Do you need a dictionary for travelling, for studying, a dictionary of the language, a dictionary of the use of the language, or a dictionary of slang?
Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese may vary in pronunciation and use of some vocabulary. Take this into account when buying your dictionary.
If you are a Beginner or Intermediate student, a bilingual dictionary would suit you while a monolingual dictionary would be more appropriate for an Advanced student.
We’d recommend a dictionary that includes the items listed below (or at least most of them):
the pronunciation (easy to understand); 
the etymology (origin of word); 
the meaning of words, and their synonymous and antonymous; 
examples explicit in sentences; 
the standard and colloquial uses; 
the warning of vulgar and offensive words.
We recommend the following Dictionaries (in order of preference):
1. Larousse Concise Dictionary: Portuguese-English / Inglês-Português by Araújo, L.; Aiken, A. Paris, Larousse. 
2. Collins Gem Dictionary: Portuguese-English / English-Portuguese by Collins Clear-Type Press, Great Britain. 


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